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Engineering and Technological Capability (Manufacturing of Plastic Injection Moulds)

Mold Development

Comprehensive Technical Standards

The Company has procured the top equipment internationally for the manufacture of plastic injection moulds and possessed a skillful and experienced engineering and mould production team. Furthermore, the Company has also established a complete set of systematic and standardized mould engineering, design and production internal management procedures. As a result, the production efficiency and product quality are largely improved and the mould development cycle is significantly shortened to fully satisfy customers' requirements. All of the steel materials and parts for the production of the Company's moulds are of high quaility and are imported from Sweden and Germany. The Company also possessed state-of-the-art equipment imported from Japan which includes OKUMA/FANUC and SODICK machines. Therefore, the precision, useful life and stability of the moulds can be guaranteed. Production capacity for plastic injection moulds: about 25 sets/month.

Production Management Capability (Manufacturing of Plastic Injection Products)

Status of Production Equipment and Manufacturing Capability

The Company procured top equipment internationally which include fully automated Japanese precision injection machines from NISSER/SODICK and SUMITOMO for its plastic injection products. The technology and preciseness of the Company's equipment are of the leading and highest standard within the industry.

The Company invested in first class leading equipment for the production of plastic injection products. The advanced equipment are supplemented by a highly effective personnel management system to provide the Company with first class and leading production capability. Production capacity of plastic injection components: about 400000shot/month.

TypeMakerNo. of units
CNC machining centersFanuc / Haltford / OKUMA3
NC milling machinesAMTRAK / HyFair10
NC electrical discharge machinesSodick / Hybest / NUMERIKON6
Level grinding equipmentLSG-614S / 618/HyFair5
Drilling machineryHC900DS2
NC latheC26240A2
Contour (sawing) machineG70162
Mold correction equipmentTECHNOBLITZ M-22 / JAPAN ENGINEERING1


Injection Molding

with a clean and comfortable workspace and high-precision injection molding equipment, we can handle orders in the 60-400 ton range and completely satisfy all customers with the high quality of product we produce. with a stable supply of raw materials and flexible process control, we meet delivery deadlines strictly and handle small-lot/multiple-type orders with ease.

Molding equipmentTypeMaker (Japanese)No. of units
Injection molding equip. 5 tonSODICK1
Injection molding equip. 40 tonSODICK2
Injection molding equip. 75 tonSUMITOMO1
Injection molding equip. 280 tonNISSEI1
Vertical molding equip. 30 tonNISSEI3
TypeMaker (Chinese)No. of units
Injection molding equip. 60 tonHAITIAN4
Injection molding equip. 90 tonHAITIAN2
Injection molding equip. 120 tonHAITIAN2
Injection molding equip. 160 tonHAITIAN1
Vertical molding equip. 388 tonHAIDA1
Peripheral equipmentTypeMaker (Japanese)No. of units
Plastics dryerMATSUI1
Mold temperature controllerMATSUI1
Mold temperature controllerKUBOTA5


Solid Quality Assurance Capability

The Company has studied the advanced management systems practiced by various Chinese and overseas mould production enterprises and developed its own comprehensive quality assurance system. As a result, the production efficiency and product quality are largely improved and mould development cycle is significantly shortened to fully satisfy the requirements of customers. The Company utilizes advanced equipment and methodology. It also follows stringent execution procedures and operational system. Employees are sent for quality assurance training annually to ensure that each mould produced by the Company is of the highest quality. In order to satisfy various requirements of the customers, we believe that top quality services, stringent quality assurance procedures and a comprehensive product range are required.

Product Manufacturing Procedure Form / Individual Product Inspection Standards Form

Inspection & Testing Equipment

In a separate part of our facility, we have a collection of high-precision inspection equipment which is re-calibrated at regular intervals. It is this equipment that helps us to guarantee such a high level of product quality.


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